Application-automation general

With automation of coating application one can improve reproducibility and increase production speed in comparison to manual coating application. Of course, there is a difference if it concerns the automation of wet paint of powder coating. The latter is less sensible with respect to the accuracy of movements.

In general, the approach is as follows:

  • Analysis of manual application per surface as a reference.
  • Setting up a study of automatic application.
  • Taking constraints into account: determination of paint- and time consumption compared to manual application.
  • Registration of differences determined in application conditions.
  • Definition of differences in execution of spray booths and safety systems.

After these analyses, it will show whether an investment in automation of application is feasible.
PLOUM engineering has knowhow and experience in equipping companies with automatic application and may render services.

Services application-automation.

For application, automation following services can be rendered:

  • Process analysis.
  • System analysis.
  • Positioning- and motion analysis.
  • Safety analysis.
  • Organizing ATEX, PED and CE-conformity.
  • Definition of interfacing between application technic and automat.
  • Description of the integration of application automation in the coating line.
  • Organizing tests.
  • Measurements and evaluation of tests.
  • Definition of requirements for application booths.
  • Programming (limited motion controllers).
  • Set up of technical specifications.
  • Trouble shooting.
  • Coaching and instruction.


The upper images show wet paint application-automation. The lower images show powder coat application-automation.

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