ATEX general

Since June 30, 2003 is, after harmonization on an European level,  de way of dealing with  explosive atmospheres in industry regarding execution of equipment and working in as explosively hazardous classified zones determined by law.

In the Netherlands, two guidelines are applicable that have the objective to safeguard the safety and health of personnel working in as hazardous classified areas.
The first one is concerning the protection of personnel while working in hazardous atmospheres and which is known as the ATEX 153 (was ATEX 137) also known as the “Social directive”.
The second one is a product directive that is meant to offer protection against the risks of explosions from the execution and design of equipment, components and safety systems and is known as the ATEX 114 (was ATEX 95).
In the Netherlands and also abroad the EN60079-10-1 & 2, a standard dealing with  explosive atmospheres, is interpreted by a Dutch practical  guideline the NPR 7910 parts 1 & 2 in order to  make zonification and classification for risks of explosion hazards gas and/or vapor and dust  containing atmospheres easier accessible.

Subjects ATEX

  • Potential iginition sources acc. to EN 1127-1.
  • Dangers of static electricity. (Resume).
  • Explosion prevention measures (Resume).
  • Explosivity tests of gas & vapors.
  • Explosivity tests of dust.
  • ATEX 114 (was ATEX 95) check.
  • ATEX 137 (was ATEX 137) check, Explosion Safety Document.

Is ATEX applicable to your company?

From the NPR 7910 and related standards and directives it is possible, upon zonification and classification, to define what requirements and approvals the equipment applied hast to meet in order to be safely used in the classified zones and areas and what requirements have to be met to ensure safe working in such areas.

A risk evaluation is required, in order to define measures to be taken to reduce these risks.
PLOUM Engineering is obliged to apply this legislation already in the design of equipment and installations and creates the least riskful executions and constructions having from that starting point the possibility to support clients in an appropriate way.

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