CFD analysis

CFD is the short writing for Computational Fluid Dynamics and may describe the calculated flow patterns of a 3D design.
In visualizing flows, it is possible to optimize or modify a design as required / desired.
This kind of analysis may save time on one hand to achieve good design results and on the other hand enabling the drawl of conclusions about the feasibility of processes without the requirement of performing expensive testing.

Features of the software used:

  • Media: water or air.
  • Maximum 50 trajectories.
  • Presentation as “pipes “or as “balls”.
  • Moving flows in life-session.
  • Adjustable speed scale.
  • One entering face and one discharge face.
  • Flow visible from either the inlet side or the outlet side.
  • Automatically generated reports with images.

For more complex CFD-analysis like: multi-phase flows, other media, more trajectories, more faces, visualization of thermal and/or chemical processes etc. specialized colleagues are consulted.

CFD examples

By clicking, the links below you may see some images of CFD results of studies performed.