Coating techniques general

Specifically the development of coating systems is reserved for the manufacturers of paints and raw materials. For PLOUM Engineering coating techniques covers aspects concerning that part of the branch that is occupied by the application, the processing, the conditioning and controlling the wet and dry paint film on substrates. Galvanically obtained layers are excluded from this scope.

For saving of energy and/or costs in surface treatment you may also consult PLOUM Engineering.

Services coating techniques

  • Definition of requirements of coating systems.
  • Investigation of potentially applicable coating systems.
  • Investigation of potentially applicable pretreatment processes and equipment.
  • Investigation of potentially best combinations.
  • Definition of required processes.
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies.
  • Organization, conduct and evaluation of testing.
  • Upscaling of consequences to production scale.
  • Analysis /evaluation of coating systems and processes.
  • Defining the required coating systems and the appropriate equipment.
  • High lighting of environmental aspects.
  • Communication with suppliers and authorities.
  • Preparation of (functional) technical specifications.
  • Installation and system design