Coating technology general

Manufacturers of raw materials and paints perform the development of coating systems. The development of coating recipes and to bring it successfully to the market in a useful manner for paint applicators, demands from, as well coating manufacturers as from other parties involved , relevant commitment and cooperation. Parties can be paint applicators, clients, installation manufacturers, other process suppliers etc.

This part of the working field covers as well wet paint as powder coatings and PLOUM Engineering has gathered in this respect a broad know how and experience. Cooperation with the different parties involved results in a constructive way to obtain the information required.

Services coating technology

  • Definition of requirements of coating systems.
  • Selection of the coating systems.
  • Selection of pretreatment techniques.
  • Relating rheological aspects to media and application.
  • Finding out the best fitting combinations.
  • Definition of the required process sequence of operations.
  • Definition of processes in detail.
  • Finding the best fitting technical and economic feasibility.
  • Organization, conduct and evaluation of relevant testing.
  • High lighting and upscaling of consequences to production scale.
  • Analyses and evaluate the coherence between coating systems and processes.
  • Indicating coherence between coating system and process equipment.
  • High lighting of environmental aspects.
  • Communication with suppliers.
  • Preparation of functional technical coating specifications.

Poedercoating direct na applicatie.
Dekkingsgraad moeilijke plaatsen.
Overspray in cabinewater.
Beoordeling testplaat.
Vervloeiende lak na applicatie
Micropopping PU natlak na moffelen.
Vochtuithardende lak na blootstelling aan vochtigheid.
Open verhardervat.
Viscositeitsmeting volgens DIN Cup 4
Marking vanuit walsproces.
Gecoat beton na strippen.
Striptape van vorige slide.
Microscopische opname coating doorsnede.