Curing general

There are several manners to cure or to dry not only coating systems but also drying in glueing processes. The supply of the required curing energy may be obtained by among others:

  • Radiative ( UV, Near-IR, DARC en IR),
  • Electro Beam Curing.
  • Convective (direct or indirect),
  • Conductive,
  • Electrical field changes MOS (Magnetron principal) ,
  • High frequency.
  • Inductive,
  • Combinations from the above.
  • Humidity and temperature.
  • Chemically reactive.
  • Oxidative etc.
  • Gas atmosphere.

These processes may include also: flash off zones, jellification zones, conditioning zones and cooling zones. In addition, aspects like: justification of the application of low temperature curing powdercoatings, energetic aspects, meaningfulness of reclaiming etc. are part of the field of operations.
For the design of these installations, generally the standard EN1539 is applicable.

PLOUM Engineering has a broad knowledge and experience with these processes and this kind of equipment and may render support to clients.

Services curing

  • Determination of the process requirements with the coating manufacturer.
  • Design and specification of the process and the equipment.
  • Cost estimating of the plant.
  • Deliberation with potential suppliers.
  • Comparison and evaluation of quotations.
  • Organize, conduct and evaluate coating tests.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Definition of requirements of peripheral equipment.
  • Specification of the plant.
  • Commissioning and production support.
  • Trouble shooting.