Paint application booths general

For the appropriate design of wet paint application booths knowledge and experience in the following areas is important:

  • Thorough knowledge of the behavior of paint.
  • Paint application techniques and electrostatics.
  • Psychrometry, air- and gas treatment.
  • Master know how of airflows end their behavior.
  • Separation and filtration technique.
  • ATEX legislation.
  • Standards, legislation and regulations.
  • Liquid treatment.
  • Reclaiming techniques.
  • Bacteria control.
  • Sludge removal engineering and environmental engineering.
  • Materials science.
  • Process control technology, earthing technique and lighting

If personnel has to spray in a paint application booth, than their working place has to match statutory requirements. For wet paint application booths, standard EN12215 is the indispensable guide. Also, what vendors didn’t specify, PLOUM Engineering nevertheless read it!

Services paint application booths

  • Design of booths including related relevant processes.
  • Interpretation and application of related standards.
  • Tuning air and water balances in an optimum way.
  • Definition and design of peripheral processes.
  • Integration of peripheral equipment and other parts of the plant.
  • Checking feasibility of reclaiming & recovering techniques.
  • Estimating equipment and plant.
  • Indicating zonification and verification of equipment installed.
  • Commissioning and tuning.
  • Other investigation with respect to safety.
  • Trouble shooting and measurements.
  • Selection of materials applied.
  • Evaluation and comparison of quotations.
  • High lighting environmental aspects and make them controllable.