Paint application general

If products are coated with wet paint, several application-technical aspects are of importance:

  • The substrate of the object to be painted.
  • Direct (electro coating, flow coating, dipping etc.) or indirect paint application (hydraulic atomization, pneumatic atomization, electrostatic spraying, rotary atomization, etc.).
  • Automatic, semi-automatic or manual application.
  • Solvent based or water based paint system.

The paint feed system itself can be a complex installation. Following can be of interest:

  • Number of colors and color change frequency.
  • Mono-component of 2K of 3K system.
  • Rinsing and flushing system.
  • Cleaning pig technology (Molch)
  • Paint properties.
  • Paint heating.
  • Paint circulation system or dead end technology.
  • Automation.
  • Low or high-pressure paint application system.
  • Application technology.
  • Electrostatic / high voltage separation.
  • Viscosity control

For the design and the application of this equipment, standards are applicable as EN50176, EN 1953, and EN50053 and so on. PLOUM Engineering may render support services with knowledge and experience of service in this field.

Services paint application

  • Determination of best fitting application technology.
  • Organize, conduct and evaluate coating tests.
  • Estimating coating lines and equipment.
  • Processing consequences of effects of ATEX, PED and CE machinery directive.
  • Definition of constraints for application.
  • Evaluation and comparison of quotations.
  • Advice on relevant paint application automation.
  • Eventually robot programming.
  • Motion optimization application when using reciprocators or oscillators.
  • Providing feedback to paint, process, and equipment suppliers for improve.
  • Determination of transfer efficiencies.
  • Process optimization and trouble shooting.
  • Design of systems for paint kitchens and paint feeding.
  • Support in selection of application equipment.
  • Specification of wet paint application equipment.

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