Powdercoating booths general

Application booths for powdercoating can be large and complex. Excessive adhesion of powdercoating to walls, roof and floor of the application booths is nowadays prevented by the use of high resistance plastics while fast and fully automatic cleaning/color change has become common practice. The overspray is captured, reclaimed from the booth, successively blended with virgin powdercoating, and again available for application. The effectiveness and feasibility of this kind of systems has to be the outcome of the preceding research performed. In the execution, the design has to be in accordance with the EN12981 and with regard to risk of explosion, compliance with ATEX, PED and CE machine directive is obligatory.  PLOUM Engineering can render services regarding this matter.

Services powdercoating booths

  • Design of the booth and its processes.
  • Application of standards, guidelines and legislation.
  • Optimum tuning of the air balance.
  • Definition and design of peripheral processes.
  • Estimating costs for equipment and plant.
  • Integration with other parts of equipment and plant.
  • Design and/or checking reclaim system and its performance.
  • Verification of conformity with ATEX, PED, CE machine directive.
  • Trouble shooting.
  • Evaluation and comparison of quotations.
  • High lighting environmental aspects.