Powdercoating application general

To make the right selection for application tools for powdercoating, several considerations may be of importance like:

  • Corona or tribo charging of the powdercoating.
  • Manual or automatic application.
  • Reciprocator, oscillator, 3D automat, robot or combination.
  • Consequences of ATEX and CE machine directives.

In short, an optimal installation configuration has to be achieved allowing the best results at the lowest operating cost. It is also important to cope with current standards like the EN50177, EN50053 etcetera including the related directives. You will find in PLOUM Engineering the right partner for among others:

  • Making the right choice as well technologically as technically.
  • Guidance in choosing the right supplier.
  • Mapping the application process.
  • Conducting changes and/or improvements.

Services powdercoating application

  • Determination of best fitting application technology.
  • Organize, conduct and evaluate coating tests.
  • Estimating coating lines and equipment.
  • Advice regarding ATEX, PED and CE machinery directive.
  • Definition of constraints for application.
  • Evaluation and comparison of quotations.
  • Advice on relevant powdercoating application automation.
  • Eventually robot programming.
  • Motion optimization application when using reciprocators or oscillators.
  • Providing feedback to paint, process, and equipment suppliers for improve.
  •  Determination of transfer efficiencies.
  • Process optimization and trouble shooting. Design of systems for paint kitchens and paint feeding. Support in selection of application equipment.
  • Interpretation/ application of relevant standards.
  • Design of the powdercoating storage system.
  • Design of the powdercoating feed- and supply systems.
  • Specification of powdercoating application plants.
  • Commissioning and production support.