Pretreatment general

Every material requires its own type of pretreatment to match the requested demands. Pretreatment of metal products can be done in several ways, achieving the best quantitative and economically optimum result with a minimum charge of the environment. This can be achieved with as well mechanical as wet chemical pretreatment processes like:

  • Pressure and/or turbine blasting.
  • Grinding and brushing.
  • Iron and/or Zink phosphatation.
  • Chromatation (No hexavalent Chromium).
  • Chrome free pretreatment (based on i.e. Ti, Zr, Silane).
  • Anodizing and/or pre-anodizing.
  • Vapor degreasing (closed system)

The pretreatment of plastics, foils and wood requires other processes than metals. Every process has its own characteristics, where the design of the installations has to be taken into the account. Standards are under development like EN12921. PLOUM Engineering has broad knowledge and experience in this part of the branche.

Services pretreatment

  • Making technological selections.
  • Design of processes and equipment.
  • Technical and economic analyses.
  • Highlighting environmental and safety related aspects.
  • Advice regarding implementation.
  • Comparison and evaluation of quotations.
  • Definition of criteria for peripheral processes.
  • Optimizing processes and solving problems.
  • Commissioning, production support and tuning.
  • Trouble shooting.
  • Design of bacterial control and of bath fluid conditioning systems.
  • Specification of the plant.