Product conveying & handling general

In order to treat products, they are transported through the plant using a conveyor system. The correct design of the product transportation system can be of great importance for the total profitability of the coating facility and possibly even the entire production unit. For a correct design of the transportation system, several criteria are of importance like the optimum conveyor loading, logistics, manner of production operation and so on. Suppliers of conveyor systems have knowledge and experience and nowadays often good simulation methods that a client may use.

For coating lines, the conveyor system may consist of:

  • Overhead conveyor systems.
  • Power & Free systems.
  • Electric monorail systems.
  • Floor conveyors.
  • Roller conveyors.
  • Ball roller conveyors.
  • Drop sections
  • Lifting tables.
  • Transfer stations.

Services product conveying & handling

  • Determination of design criteria of the conveying system.
  • Tuning with the logistic system and the production procedures.
  • Process design of the conveyor system.
  • Design and optimization of hanging devices and methods.
  • Cost estimating.
  • Generating technical specifications and documents.
  • Support in selection of system and/or supplier.
  • Support in communication with suppliers.
  • Comparison and evaluation of quotations.
  • Preparation of technical specifications.
  • Conceptual plant design.