Cooling systems general

These systems are used everywhere, where heat has to be discharged processes.

Cooling systems may be designed as direct or indirect systems; meaning that there can be a secondary medium or it may be a heat pump system.

  • Heat recovery from as well gasses as liquids.
  • Thermodynamic cooling cycles. (negative Carnot and Trans critical CO2)
  • Adiabatic cooling.
  • Heat pump systems.
  • Gas and/or liquid chillers.

These systems are relatively simple and may consist of heat exchangers, piping with accessories and fittings, pumps, direct cooling installations, heat pump systems, vessels and containers, expansion devices etc. The discharged heat may be used elsewhere or discharged into the free atmosphere.

Services cooling systems

  • Process design and engineering.
  • Project conduct upon implementation.
  • Optimizing processes and solving problems.
  • Acceptance tests.
  • Specification of equipment.
  • Trouble shooting.