Fieldwork PLOUM Engineering.

One learns in one week in the field just as much as half a year behind the desk. The dynamics of practice makes technique coming alive: errors in design confront you in practice in an unavoidable way. Following “big lines” and “red wires” everything usually works fine. But the reason why something is not working or not working properly has often to be looked for in small wires, loose contacts, wrong connections, wrong chemicals, faulty measuring method, wrong running processes and other matters for which experience and its distinct sensitivity are the only way out to a solve the problems.

  • How short circuitry and earth leakage current may feel,
  • how long it can last that a communication error in a Profibus system is found,
  • how bacteria jeopardizes the adhesion of a coating system,
  • how incompatible carbon steel and stainless steel can be towards one and another,
  • how the skin pass of cold rolled steel jeopardizes the adhesion of high temperature coatings,
  • how the almost perfect adhesion of coating on concrete was jeopardized due to the wrong way of manufacturing the concrete.

Ploum Engineering has seen it all and even more.
Conclusion: theory and practice go together hand in hand, always.