Gas & air treatment general

Air treatment is mainly about conditioning of air for processes like climatization of paint application booths, flash off zones, and eventually industrial spaces and the separation of matter and/or odor from airflows. In addition, psychrometric processes and the eventual treatment and conditioning of compressed air may be part of this.

Compressed air treatment is mainly about the application of air as an energy carrier. Compressed air may be used as air power, instrument air or in application processes of wet paint and/or powdercoating. Depending of the desired or required condition, the compressed air is treated and whether or not stored in a storage tank.

Gas treatment covers industrial processes in which other gases than air are treated in equipment and processes changing the starting conditions into another required ending condition. This may have as well process technical as environmental reasons.

Services gas & air treatment

  • Design of processes and equipment.
  • Generation of technical specifications.
  • Organization of measurement sessions.
  • Analyses and evaluation of measurements.
  • Trouble shooting.

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