Air treatment general

In fact air is a somewhat “better known” gas and for this reason it is highlighted.  The conditioning of air for industrial purposes may have various reasons.

Air treatment may consist of:

  • cooling,
  • heating,
  • humidification or dehumidification,
  • filtration,
  • increasing pressure,
  • ionization,
  • sterilization,
  • cleaning,
  • distribution.

In processes where air has to be treated, PLOUM Engineering may render support in an independent and neutral way.

Services air treatment 

  • Process design of air treatment.
  • Design of compressed air systems.
  • Psychrometric and flow measurement.
  • Design of air cleaning processes.
  • Design of cooling and/or heating systems.
  • Design of scrubbers.
  • Calculation of air displacement machines (i.e. fans).
  • Design of noise reducing measures.
  • Flow technical design.
  • Design of bearing constructions for the relevant equipment.
  • Analysis, evaluation and reporting of measurements and observations.
  • Generation of technical specifications

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