Gas treatment general

PLOUM Engineering has knowledge and experience in the field of gas treatment. In an independent manner, the potential technologies on various aspects are compared with each other, in order to that obtain the best solution for the client in an appropriate way. Although air is also a gas, we have the opinion that treating technical gases can proceed beyond the description for air treatment.

Typical processes and installations in these are among others:

  • gas scrubbers for flue gas cleaning and/or other gases,
  • wet scrubbers,
  • gas-adsorption processes and plants,
  • membrane separation,
  • Pressure increasing equipment (Compressors, fans, boosters etc.)
  • dryers and purifiers,
  • cold oxidation.

If equipment is to be placed outdoors, the limitations invoked by the ambient conditions are taken into the account upon design. (Tracing, insulation, etc.)
See also under “Thermal exhaust treatment” on this website.

Services gas treatment 

  • All activities as described at Air treatment.
  • Design of gas cooling systems.
  • Design of absorbtion installations.
  • Design of adsorbtion-installations.
  • Design of gas generators.
  • Gas blending and/or separation/stripping processes.
  • Design of thermal processes for gas treatment.
  • Design of the selected process including required peripherals.
  • Design of process integral solutions.
  • Generation of technical specifications.
  • Financial-economic analysis.