Terms of delivery of PLOUM Engineering

The, in orders applicable, terms and condition of delivery are stated in “De Nieuwe Regeling 2011 revised (juli 2013)” (“DNR 2011”) (translated: “The new regulation 2011), and are subjected to mutual agreement before an agreement becomes legally formal.

In this DNR 2011 among others is described how is being dealt with matters like: neutrality, secrecy, liability, indemnification, intellectual property, responsibilities etcetera.  These terms and conditions form the basis under which the professional liability insurance company of PLOUM Engineering supplies coverage.

Deviations with respect to the DNR 2011 shall be clarified and agreed between PLOUM Engineering and the insurance company before an award and shall be registered in the order confirmation and/or in a side letter, that is part of the agreement.

This DNR 2011 is supplied by PLOUM Engineering as an integral order document with an order confirmation. You may download this publication also directly from following hyperlink: http://www.nlingenieurs.nl/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Rechtsverhouding-DNR2011-juli2013-ENG.pdf