Wood dust combustion general

The use of Bio-fuels and the processing of waste materials as fuel takes a larger flight more and more, but very often thought about it in a to “simple” manner. Burning wood and sawdust is a more complicated process than one would suspect. The formation of dangerous and aggressive emissions is not to be underestimated problem. Coming up with primary, secondary and tertiary measures, in order to reduce emissions of dioxins and furans to maximum, is not always obvious.

Furthermore, the conditioning, the size and risk of the sawdust storage forms an increasingly insistent recurring aspect as well as the quality and composition of the offered wood dust in respect to ash formation, combustion values, dust in respect of existing minerals etc. The dedusting of the emission is due to the presence of particles in the range of sizes of 200nm and 400nm a fine dust problem that requires all attention to solution. In addition, to define the proper measurement is no mean feat. The manufacturers of plants have gathered a lot of knowledge and experience but if a client has need of an independent advice anyway, then PLOUM Engineering has dealt with this matter more often.

Services wood dust combustion

  • Process and equipment design.
  • Technical and financial economic calculations.
  • Advice upon selection of equipment.
  • Project conduct upon implementation.
  • Trouble shooting.