Other branches general

There are some other branches in which PLOUM Engineering acquired know how and gathered experience and that have not been sorted out separately but where consultancy services can be rendered on request.


  • Developing calculus models and instructions.
  • Designing process control systems.
  • Solids from liquid separation.
  • Salt Chlorine electrolysis plants.
  • Tank park- design.
  • Design of burner test facility.
  • Design of industrial neutralization-processes.
  • Engineering of different kind of equipment.
  • Trouble shooting in different branches.


Services other branches

  • Design and engineering.
  • System analysis.
  • Set up visualization.
  • Stress calculus.
  • Preparation, conduct and evaluation of measurements.
  • Analysis and reporting.
  • Checking and commissioning process control systems.
  • Trouble shooting.
  • Conducting realization, acceptance and commissioning.

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