Pyrolysis general

Organic compounds are cracked thermally in absence of oxygen causing no or very lean combustion in these thermal processes. The fumes formed contain several hydrocarbon fractions in the range of 3 until ~12 Carbon atoms that are incinerated in an afterburner within 2 seconds at 850°C forming non-harmful flue gas.

Distinction is made between low (<450°C) and high (>750°C) temperature pyrolysis. The latter is also named “demineralization process” and deals actually with cremation processes of humans and/or animals. PLOUM Engineering gathered expertise en experience in this specialism however is not involved in cremation processes and/or equipment for humans.

PLOUM Engineering has developed a calculus model for low temperature pyrolysis. For a flyer regarding the pyrolysis spreadsheet, see the relative download page.

Services pyrolysis

  • Process design and engineering.
  • Plant design.
  • Generation of technical specifications.
  • Project conduct upon implementation.
  • Support for acquiring permits.
  • Supporting commissioning and acceptance.
  • Trouble shooting.

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