Thermal exhaust treatment general.

Ventilated exhausts may contain matter, which is harmful or causing smell, of which the exhausts have to be stripped before emission to the free atmosphere is allowed. These are often organic compounds like solvent vapors, smell, crack products etcetera. It can also be a process integral solution of a conversion process like i.e. the combustion process of pyrolysis gas released during torrefaction. In this process, a flow of waste material is partly converted in a reactor into a solid combustible and in pyrolysis gas.

Processes of this kind can be:

  • Thermal post combustion either or not with recuperation of heat.
  • Regenerative thermal oxidation.
  • Catalytic incineration.

PLOUM Engineering is acquainted with this kind of processes, has a broad experience in especially the existing limitations, and is well experienced with the imperfections that come with the implementation of such plants. This mainly concerns the heat technical and the incineration part of these processes and installations.

Services thermal exhaust treatment

  • Process and plant design and engineering.
  • Generation of technical specifications.
  • Project conduct upon implementation.
  • Supporting commissioning and acceptance
  • Trouble shooting.