Reclaiming techniques general

As well at the application of wet paint as of powdercoatings, it may be desirable to reclaim overspray to re-use directly or after post-processing. As well for procurement as for appropriate environmental disposal, one has to pay for. Costs that press on the price.
The range of possibilities is big and keeping control on the quality, the purity and changes in properties and/or characteristics of the recovered material are of major importance.

Although reclaiming powdercoating is easier than reclaiming wet paint but one should pay attention to several aspects like:

  • Changes in particle size distribution.
  • Wear and tear and behavior of circulating powdercoatings.
  • Separation and loss of certain components.
  • Explosivity and safety aspects.

For as well the optimization process as finding the most useful choice, PLOUM Engineering may render its services.

Services reclaiming techniques

  • Determination of usefulness of reclaiming.
  • Check out process efficiencies upon optimization.
  • Feasibility study of available technologies.
  • Integrability in existing systems.
  • Analysis of costs for investment and operational cost.
  • Design and select appropriate process and/or system.
  • Definition of performance requirements and constraints.
  • Specification of equipment.
  • High light environmental consequences.
  • Perform safety analysis
  • Perform process optimization.

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